Pumpkins, Not Just for Carving

It’s that time of years again…falling leaves, bonfires, apple cider and PUMPKINS!

As an official symbol of the fall, pumkpins carry us from October through the end of November, varying in use and style.  However one thing never changes, and that’s the amazing health benefits of pumpkin.

Pumpkins contain the provitamin, beta-carotene, which converts to Vitamin A in the body.  Beta-carotene aids in healthy eyes, as well as preventing cornonary heart disease.  One cup of canned pumpkin has seven grams of fiber and three grams of protein— even more than the fresh stuff— and contains only 80 calories and one gram of fat. Plus, canned pumpkin is packed with vitamins and provides over 50 percent of the daily value of vitamin K, which may reduce the risk for some types of cancer.

Don’t forget about the seeds… Even more amazing health benefits are found in the seeds of the pumkpin!  These tiny powerhouses of nutrition are packed with magnesium, zinc, omega-3, phytoestrogens, healthy fats, fiber, tryptophan, protein and potassium.  Talk about a superfood!

Check back tomorrow for a delicious pumpkin brownie recipe!!


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